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It is observed that students may transfer their learning about essay writing to report writing but both of them must be written in a formal way with carefully checking of grammar, spelling and presentations. There are some common things in essay writing and report writing because both start with an introduction, body with discussions and analysis and then conclusions and both are demonstrated in analytical thinking. But essay writing and report writing have some differences and writers must take care of them when they start writing on essays or reports.

Essay starts with presenting an argument but report contains information presentation. In essay minimal amount of headings and sub-headings but reports often use large number of headings and sub-headings. In essay paragraphs are used for expressing your ideas in the body but in report some short, concise paragraphs and dot points are use at points where they are needed. Essay will require addition of abstract if you are writing very long essay but report may need abstract and sometimes it is called executive summary.
How Essay Writing is Different from Reports Writing

Essay writing is different from report writing because the purpose of essay writing along with their respective audiences and writing needs are entirely different. Essays are mostly written by school students when they are assigned with different tasks. Students show their understanding on different topics assigned to them in essay writing and then they express it in their own thinking with well represented and well-connected text. Groups often find it very difficult to write essays while reports are written by different groups of people. The organization of essay is also specific in nature and different than reports when they are compared.

Essays are always based on logical representation of your arguments presented to some specific question asked and the reader of essay is often your teacher or lecturer. Actually they want to analyze how best you can develop an argument and then present it in your own language with sound reasoning and appropriate evidence usage. With the transition of sentences and summaries, writers show connection between different stages of arguments presented. By reading some parts of essay readers cannot learn what the writer actually want to say and after reading your entire essay he or she can understand how well you are arguing. But reports indicate the structure of your assigned topic very clearly by dividing it into headings and subheadings which are not covered in essays. After reading every different section, readers can understand what you are asking or trying to argue. Each section in reports contains information that reader wants to know and he can understand the purpose of other parts.

Planning Essays and Reports
In planning essays and reports writing, you must be able to handle multiple sources of information. Writers must prepare their notes after doing proper research work with proper research planning before they start writing on an essay or a report. You must find out any gaps or shortcomings during your process of writing and if you stuck at some point from your basic line of arguments, then you must spend maximum time in proper planning and effective way of writing your essays and reports. In essay, questions are asked about how to discuss, compare and contrast the domain of relevance. You must properly analyze the questions and then find out the relevant materials that can be used in answering those questions asked. Every successful writer must do proper research work in finding out the relevant data about the necessary information required that will meet your arguments presented.



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