Brazilian students being sold on Ireland as study hub

OVER A THOUSAND students came here from Brazil to study this year – and the Department of Education is hoping to build on that number with new link-ups between Irish and Brazilian colleges.
Education Minister Ruairi Quinn headed off to Brazil this week with a number of representatives from Enterprise Ireland on an education and trade mission.
During the week, eight memoranda of understanding and agreements were signed between Irish and Brazilian universities and institutes of technology. In addition, several Irish companies opened new facilities in Brazil.
Waterford IT will see student and staff exchanges with UNESP (Sao Paulo State University), while Cork IT and Limerick IT have signed memorandums with major colleges. UCC signed a bi-lateral agreement with Universidade de Sao Paulo and UL, the Dublin Business School and Cork IT have also made links with Brazilian colleges.
Jennifer Condon, head of internationally traded services and software at Enterprise Ireland, said that the Brazilian mission was important because of the potential for future growth – “Brazil is a highly significant market where Irish businesses are already successfully doing business and building education links.”
Mobile marketing company Brandtone opened a new Brazil office in Sao Paulo while others – including an ebook for education company, aPperbook, car rental distribution company, Cartrawler, and OpenJaw Technologies – met with Brazilian companies to explore business opportunities there.



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