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The University of Hong Kong eyes South America

Representatives from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) recently returned from a week-long visit to Brazil to raise the visibility of Hong Kong and HKU as an educational destination, in order to further widen the diversity of students on the HKU campus. Talks about the global trend towards studying in Asia were given to students at some of the top international high schools in Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and São Paolo.

As two of the four BRIC countries of the world, Brazil and China are likely to have increasing trade connections in the future, an important consideration for Brazilian students thinking beyond graduation.

HKU also held talks with relevant government bodies in the capital city of Brasilia to discuss the Brazilian “Science without Borders” scheme – one of the world’s largest government-sponsored mobility programmes – with over 100,000 students to date having studied at top universities around the world for science, technology, engineering and mathematics education.

HKU representatives also met with the President and the Vice-President for International Relations of the University of São Paolo, one of the world’s leading universities, with whom a collaboration and international exchange agreement has already been agreed.

HKU is keen to attract the rapidly growing pool of talented South American students going abroad for their undergraduate studies. The University attracts tens of thousands of undergraduate applications from around the world each year, partly because of the virtually 100% employment record of its graduates for the last seven consecutive years. As Asian academic standards are so high, the University can limit itself to accepting only the most talented students worldwide. Expanding an understanding of the opportunities, including the provision of generous scholarships, to South American students will further enhance these high academic standards of HKU.

Professor John Spinks, Senior Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor at HKU said, “HKU has an excellent representation of international students from all over Asia, Europe and North America, but the number of South American students on campus is only 32 as of today. We hope that this visit will help to increase that number and further develop the international atmosphere for HKU students, but, more importantly, that i will further the visibility of Hong Kong and HKU in a country whose economy is developing so rapidly. The Brazilian people we met, from those in formal meetings to those we met informally, were truly hospitable, and we very much welcome them to HKU in future.”

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